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Antibodies targeting specific PTM pathways and histone codes are among the hardest-to-make reagents. Their limited availability has hindered the research of epigenetics for decades. PTM Biolabs is pioneering in the creation of high quality PTM reagents. Our product line represents the world’s largest collection of PTM pan and histone antibodies.

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PTMs and their corresponding effects on protein activity drive protein activities and function. Our understanding in the field of PTMs is largely hindered by the limited availability of high-quality antibodies against specific PTMs.  PTMs antibodies are challenging to make and often have the insufficient specificity. Several reason contribute to the difficulty including subtle chemical difference, high-level similarity of sequence surrounding the different modification sites, and interference from unmodified protein sequence.

PTM offers a proprietary custom antibody generation service against ALL the PTMs that you can name it. Since 2010, we in-house produced over 250 PTM antibodies. Our custom antibody production service, includes: immunogen design & synthesis, immunization, antibody purification, and validation. Contact our Scientist TODAY to discuss your antibody needs for your PTM project here!