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Antibodies targeting specific PTM pathways and histone codes are among the hardest-to-make reagents. Their limited availability has hindered the research of epigenetics for decades. PTM Biolabs is pioneering in the creation of high quality PTM reagents. Our product line represents the world’s largest collection of PTM pan and histone antibodies.

Our searchable catalog shall guide you to proper reagents for your specific research needs. You are welcome to browser our catalog by clicking the most relevant filter of your interest.


Reliable identification and characterization of proteins and peptides are very important tasks for biomedical research. We provide end-to-end MS-based proteomic services to unravel the complexity of biological systems. Whether you want to identify a protein, quantify protein expression, discover new biomarkers or characterize therapeutic antibodies, let us be your partner in innovation.

The goal of our services is to make our cutting-edge technology accessible to wider biopharmaceutical community. Aided by state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with highly trained scientists, PTM Biolabs has been continuously delivering the highest quality data to clients worldwide from industry, academia, and government organizations.

This service involves sample digestion with appropriate enzymes prior to LC-MS/MS analysis. Fractionation will be performed if necessary. The resulting peptides are subjected to immuno-affinity enrichment by proprietary reagents developed in-house. The resulting MS/MS data are searched against protein sequence databases. This approach maximizes sensitivity and PTM coverage for your proteins.


The analysis of protein post translational modifications (PTMs) is challenging. Regular analysis often leads to incomplete amino acid sequence coverage and insufficient understanding of the crosstalk and selectivity of different PTMs and their impacts on cellular regulatory networks.

Over the years, we have developed highly efficient MS based proteomics technology for system-wide identification and quantification of PTM substrate proteins and mapping their PTM sites. We established the bioinformatics platform for understanding the functional relevance of the PTMs in cellular physiology. This integrated platform has profoundly benefited biomedical and pharmaceutical research, as demonstrated by continuous high profile publications and long-term collaborations with top drug discovery organizations.