Experience brings perspective and know-how. The PTM Biolabs team brings scientific and program management expertise to its collaborators; all the project managers at PTM Biolabs have been trained by the Project Management Institute (PMI). We have collectively been instrumental in taking 28 drug candidates into the clinic, covering almost all therapeutic areas. The team has also helped drive three drugs and three diagnostic tests to market.

Now, more than ever, biology and chemistry have the potential to provide solutions to major challenges in finding transformative drugs. The insight that we bring to our clients affords us the ability to probe and gain a deep understanding of the functional characterization of drug targets to mitigate risk and generate more predictable outcomes.



Solutions in drug discovery come in all different shapes and sizes, including fragments, small molecules, peptides, antibodies, andtibody-drug-conjugates and everything in between. We elucidate targets, provide mechanism of actions, and perform the physical and intellectual work to guide our clients to the most rational and tractable solutions.