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2201 West Campbell Park Drive, Suite 305

Chicago, IL 60612

Phone: +1-312-802-6843

Fax: +1-312-243-2267

Email: info@ptm-biolab.com


No.452, 6th St, No. 2, 15 fl Area A Hangzhou Eco & Tech Developmental Area,

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310018

Phone: +86-400-180-3678

Email: service@ptm-biolab.com


Interested in joining the PTM Biolabs team? Check out our open positions. Qualified candidates should send a resume and cover letter to jobs@ptmbiolabs.com

Ever find your self thinking of ways to make proteomics part of everyday healthcare? If you answered, “maybe” or “of course”, we have been waiting for you! PTM Biolabs’ teams of committed scientists and operations are bringing possibilities of proteomic approaches to research projects big and small. We are on the move and interested in anyone who has spirit to build and pride to deliver. Call us today!

As an equal opportunity employer, PTM Biolabs will consider all qualified applications for employment. EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability.




11.07.15 – Talent Recruiting Event with PTM Biolabs, AACR-EORTC, Boston


TIME: 6:30pm
DATE : Nov 7th, 2015
LOCATION: Blue Dragon (324 A Street, Boston, MA 02210)

This event is RSVP only. Please contact Laura Sailor or Hsiao-Lei (Lexi) Lai to reserve your seat:
Laura Sailor| laura_sailor @ptm-biolab.com |603-995-1076
Hsiao-Lei Lai | lexi_lai@ptm-biolab.com | 312-802-6843

See the Latest Open Positions:
• Director of Clinical Bioinformatics-Proteome, NGS, and Epigenome
• Director of Pharmacology- Preclinical translational research
• Group Leader of Bioinformatics
• Group Leader of Epigenetics


10.12.15 – Winners Announced: PTM wins 3rd place in 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 

We are proud to announce that PTM Biolabs Inc., headquarters in Hangzhou, China, came in THIRD place in the 4th annual 2015 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. PTM Biolabs Inc., was recognized for its innovation in proteomics technology and services in biomedical research and personalized medicine. A total of 27,000 teams entered the competition and PTM Biolabs Inc.,was one of the 210 teams that made it to the final round. The competition was jointly sponsored by the China Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, National Biopharmaceutical Organization, and Peking University Science Park Venture.

PTM Biolabs Inc., is dedicated to developing MS-based proteomics platforms to assist researchers in validating drug targets, discovering new biomarkers, and exploring mechanisms of action for new and existing small-molecule inhibitors or biologics. This award truly strengthens our belief in proteins powering next generation healthcare! Please stay tuned for where we’ll be heading next…



09.24.15 – Meet us at Discovery On Target in Boston MA

Scientists, executives, directors, and managers from biopharma, academic, and healthcare organizations from 21 countries will present the current ” hot drug targets” in epigenetics for the 13th Annual Discovery on Target event in Boston, MA.

PTM Biolabs Inc. is invited to give a talk discussing how to validate the specificity and effect of the potential inhibitors, targeting epigenetic mechanisms, using protein based mass spectrometry analysis.


05.31.15 – Visit us in the booth #129 and poster sessions in the 63rd ASMS Conference, St. Louis, MO 

Find out more about PTM Biolabs Inc latest mass spectrometry technologies and antibody reagents that allow you to succeed in the science of what’s possible.


Poster #492: Acetylome Analysis Reveals lysine acetylation is in regulation of photosynthesis and carbon metabolism in Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Poster #527: Succinylome Analysis Reveals the Involvement of Lysine Succinylation in Metabolism in Pathogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Poster #540: Systematic Identification of the Lysine Acetylation in Rice (Oryza sativa)

Poster #632: Systematic Identification of the Lysine Succinylation in the Protozoan Parasite Toxoplasma gondii


04.18.15 – The AACR 2015 starts this week! Join us at booth #2064

Behold how PTM proteomics and antibodies accelerate your research toward precision cancer medicine!!! Proteins powers the NexGen personalized medicine~